This project is for our dear friend, Rebecca Anne Mabunay (Sept. 28, 1988 - Nov. 11, 2011), beloved daughter, sister, friend, and artist, who we lost in a DUI accident. Becky and I grew close during our senior year of high school because we took the same art class. In September 2012, a team of her friends organized an art show in honor of her and to celebrate her birthday. It showcased her artwork as well as provided a space for other artists to share their work. I created a painting of Becky based on one of my favoite pictures of her (the same one as the prints) and exhibited it along with some other paintings. The show was a beautiful success and we raised over $1000 that we donated to the San Diego Museum of Art's Teen Art Programs.

These stickers were created at UC Santa Barbara in a beginning printmaking class taught by Professor Alejandro Casazi. These are not digital prints! Using a printmaking technique called linocuts, each sticker was run through a Vandercook printing press and cut by hand.

This project aims to keep Becky's memory alive through street art and social media.
Watching over Pardall Tunnel #beckymabunay #streetart #stickerart #print #printmedia #printmaking #linoblock #pardall #iv #islavista #ucsb  (at Pardall Gardens)

Watching over Pardall Tunnel #beckymabunay #streetart #stickerart #print #printmedia #printmaking #linoblock #pardall #iv #islavista #ucsb (at Pardall Gardens)

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Mar 20, 2013
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